4 Ways to Relax

Here are 4 effective ways that to relax when you are super busy at work, at home or on the go:
1.- Stretch after 20 minutes of work
This is especially helpful if you use the pomodoro technique.  You stay focus on a task for 20 minutes avoiding any  kind of distractions,  5 minutes break after that.  Pomodoro is in fact is what  I´m using as I write this article. Stretching is extremely beneficial for your body, It increases blood flow to the muscle, improves your performance, and enables your entire body and mind to work most effectively.
2.- Use breathing techniques
A simple technique is the 3 step process. First you take a long, slow breath in through your nose, filling your lower lungs then your upper lungs, you want hold your breath to the count of three and finally exhale slowly through your mouth.
This simple yet powerful technique will immediately relax your entire body as well as your mind.
3.- Healthy eating
Healthy snacks are life savers even on those chaotic days where you just don´t have the time to leave your office and eat a proper meal.  Here are some of the best: almonds, pistachios, string cheese,  grapes, blueberries, bananas and apples, dark chocolate, greek yogurt. All these foods provide consistent and steady energy that will allow you to perform at your best
4.- Visualization
The best way to perform better is to visualize yourself already being where you want to be. If you are about to prepare a very important presentation, imagine that you have already finished the presentation and feel the feeling of success and completion. See yourself succeeding and know that anything is achievable, its all a mindset!
Post written by Nadya Carbajal
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