A Life Worth Living

I recently watched a YouTube video (How to Live a Life Worth Living by Teal Swan) and heard a very inspirational life-message that I would like to share:
Make those changes and make them today. Your world is being created through you and the decisions you make every single day. You may think you have lots of time but the truth is you can’t know that.
There is no time to waste. You cannot afford to live a minute of your life thinking or saying or doing something that is not worthy of your life. You may have a list five miles long of the things you think you should be doing but would those things really matter if you were dead?
This message is powerful.
This message pushes us to start following our dreams, to start doing that things that inspire us. We do not know how much longer we have to live so why spend any of that precious time doing things that don’t better us?
I will end this short post with this question you should ask yourself:
If I were to die tomorrow, what things have I left undone? Unaccomplished? Unseen?
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