Reach for the Stars!

We all have dreams and aspirations, but the majority of the population gives up on them without even considering what they could have accomplished if they had followed them. We can’t rewind time and we have to be realistic about what it is we want to achieve. Amongst other things, I wanted to be a BMX champion and a combat field surgeon as a child, slightly out of reach today, but only due to my ever-increasing age – not my ability to achieve anything I truly want to achieve, I simply grew up and my dreams changed. I see people regularly who for one reason or another, have not only given up on their dreams, but also life. They are unhappy, plodding along and making excuses about what could have been, holding on to their facade of not caring whilst wishing things would change. I know I may sound a bit preachy and a little snobby when I talk about the ‘people’, but it’s not an ‘I’m better than them’ scenario. I talk about them as I truly feel for them; pity gets us nowhere, I have more of a desire to help these people achieve happiness and fulfillment in their lives. I want to help give these people the opportunity to have self-value and worth. I want to show people we are all equal no matter what our background is, regardless of gender or the color of our skin, we are all made of the same thing, stardust! We all have a bit of magic and talent inside us, all we need do is let it out and let it show the world and universe what we have to offer.

We are never too old to try new things and take chances. Take for instance Mrs. Eleanor Cunningham, who took up skydiving at the age of 90, or Smoky Dawson – an Australian country music performer who at the age 92 years old released a collection of original songs, making him the oldest person to release a new album and win numerous new artist awards. If you truly believe in something, then fight: fight until you can’t walk then start crawling if you have to. Never take no for an answer if you feel inside that you have the ability to achieve your set goal then you truly can. We live in a negative world with people telling us to aim low, disappointed in our lives and being judged for our social circumstances, and sadly we take it all in like a sponge soaking up water. Well my friends I’m telling you now, each and every one of us is special and it’s time we stopped trying to fit in and started to stand out.

Post written by Geraint Rhys Benney


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