The Spiritual Path

“Its about the journey, not the destination.”
Being on a spiritual journey means that you are in the process of realizing your place in the universe. Buddhism calls this “enlightenment”, some people call it “awakening”, “realization” or “waking up”.
This means that you can see certain truths in life. You realize that the past and the present are illusions created in our head. You start to see that separation is also an illusion, you cannot have “other” without there being a “me” to observe that.
Acknowledging these truths allow your mind to be free from stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear and start allowing you to live fully in the present moment. Because at the end of the day, its not about where you end up, its about the journey and how well you have lived along the way.
No one is perfect and we all are growing daily. The most important point of all is to know that every day is a new day to learn, grow, and develop yourself further.
Think Great. Live Great.
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